April 20, 2024

Children: books to discover fruits and vegetables

In the age of bio and sustainable development, our children's food education is more than ever a priority and miss editions have made the choice to campaign for a return to the natural and nutritional balance.

Aimed at children ages 3 to 6, each book is dedicated to a fruit or vegetable. These books simply show the fruit or vegetable, its environment, growth, season and family. In order to stimulate children's curiosity and memory, the books contain games and recipes that they can experiment with the help of their parents.

Alongside Emile the gardener, children will be unbeatable on fruits and vegetables. The first book in the collection "Le Potager d'Emile" is devoted to zucchini. He will answer some questions: in what conditions and in what season is it grown and what is his family?

Both educational and fun, these books will undoubtedly make children happy but also parents. It's never too late to learn, is it? With this collection, fruits and vegetables will be an integral part of your children's lives. What if they learned to love them and ask for more? The dream for mum and dad.

The price of this first book is 11 euros. Its title is "La Courgette" and the authors are named Aurélia Le Bechec and Déborah Lopez.

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