August 15, 2022

Children: learning the pot is for when?

Is there an ideal age for learning potty?

He must first control the muscles that relax to let the pee and / or poo. And this mastery is between 18 months and two years. Often entering kindergarten can be an excellent trigger for children who have so far refused the pot. Kindergarten is indeed an opportunity to assert oneself. Be that as it may, the child must be physiologically and psychologically ready to become aware of the warning signs of the pee or the "big commission" and to sit on the pot to make his needs.

Patience and understanding to help him become clean

When the pot is clean (of course), parents can make it available for the child to become familiar with. This accessory must be installed in an easily accessible place. This step, which is important for the child, is also important for parents who must interact, be patient and attentive. At first, you can keep him company and especially let him leave the pot whenever he wants. During this stage of learning, the child must wear clothes that are easy to remove. Once the child has managed to pee and / or poop in the pot, do not hesitate to congratulate him. Parents must also learn to decode their toddler's grimaces when he feels an urge.

Should we use the strong way to sit on the pot?

If the child pushes his pot or if it remains only a few seconds before taking his legs around his neck, do not scold him or insist. The best solution is to put away the jar and take it out a few days later. There is another way ... ask him to do like the big ones by going directly to the toilet. There is a seat reducer to ask on the toilet seat.

Sometimes the child accepts the pot but can not pee and / or poo. Do not panic ! Already, you have to distract and relax. Above all, it is not advisable to leave "hours" on the pot. It is better to repeat the experience several times during the day.

Are there seasons for good toilet training?

Summer is the season most conducive to this learning. The arrival of good weather and more availability during the holidays can allow the child to stay without a diaper during the day. For the "leaks", it is necessary to envisage spare clothes for the months which follow this learning which can be more or less long according to the children.

Choose the pot

The pot must include a non-slip base, a raised front to avoid the urine stream and the cover cleanliness. The baby pot must have perfect stability, be sturdy, have a comfortable seat and wide edges to avoid injury, can sit alone.
Before the acquisition of cleanliness, the child must go through several stages such as knowing how to walk, be balanced and stable when he is on the pot, sit and stand up alone, say when he is dirty and finally want his autonomy.

This learning will not be done without missing

As a rule, the child is first clean in the day. For the acquisition of cleanliness during the night, there are sometimes several months apart. But the control of the intestines does not always coincide with that of the bladder. So we should expect occasional accidents. And above all, do not scold him or let him down by telling him in particular: "Look, little pig, it's not good".

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