June 23, 2024

Children's games, by Jonathan Trigell

The subject of this thriller of Jonathan Trigell is hard: a man comes out of prison and must remake his identity ... the score barely reached, he spent all his adolescence locked up. And now that he has paid dearly for his debt, he still has no right to a normal life. It must be said that, ten years earlier, he and a friend killed a girl, not really by accident, but not with premeditation. And that, neither the parents of the victim nor the populist England have not forgiven him. As proof, this title of the Sun: "Tell us where he is going, we will settle his account!" Difficult, under these conditions, to redo his life.
This thriller, inspired by real facts, presents a major asset: it is very well translated! The style of Isabelle Maillet, for the French version, is most enjoyable.
Children's Games, Jonathan Trigell, Black Series, Gallimard, 17.10?

28/6 Holly lives in a book fort (B) (June 2024)