June 10, 2023

Children's Health: Junk food and good grades do not pair!

Hamburger, nuggets, fries, sodas, barbecue sauces ... Fast-food = Bad marks? At least the adequacy that has been put forward by American researchers, whose study was published in the "Clinical Pediatrics", and relayed in France by Le Figaro.

Eating junk food several times a week would reduce reading, math or science skills. children ten years. Their progress school would be reduced compared to others. A progress gap evaluated up to minus 20%. The effects of fast food would then have a direct influence on success school.

To obtain these results, the two researchers, Kelly Purtell and Elisabeth Gershoff, both American university professors, collected data from 11,740 children, three years apart.
This phenomenon is explained by the poor nutritional quality of the menus offered in fast food restaurants. What prevent a satisfactory cognitive development. The memory would be affected by foods too sweet and too fat. Which attests to other misdeeds of junk food, beyond theobesity infantile already much criticized by our society.

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