April 19, 2024

Children's health: the return of the Medikid briefcase in pharmacy

When Theo or Chloe get sick, have them take their pharmaceuticals can become a real headache. Between the weekend at daddy, the holidays at grandpa papi, nanny and school ... You do not know where to turn? Biogaran has created the Medikid Care Pack so that your boutchou will take his medicine everywhere with him.

The objectives of the Medikid® case:

- ensure that children from 3 to 6 years old have a good follow-up of their treatment and avoid any risk of mishandling or therapeutic rupture
- to facilitate the good transmission between adults of the treatment, the prescription and the health booklet
- to reassure parents of young "nomadic" children, by providing them with a practical and safe solution.

The design of the Medikid® case:

With Médikid®, finished pharmaceuticals who go astray and the syrups that flow in the bag! You can store bottles or boxes of pharmaceuticals thanks to its clever timing system. Medikid® is easily transported everywhere thanks to its ergonomic handle. Finally, the double locking system ensures optimal security.

Its original design was rewarded in 2009 and the Medikid® case was awarded the
Janus de la santé and the Observeur du Design label.

Price: 9.99?
Sold in pharmacies from January 2010.

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