February 29, 2024

Children's words: "my first reforms if I were president"

During the presidential campaign, candidates appear, supporters campaign and adults debate, but there are some who never asked their opinion: the little ones. However, being a president already means something to them, that's why we decided to give them the floor a few days before the first round of the elections presidential. They are between 5 and 15 years old and would necessarily make a very good president.


Léa, 9 ½ years old:
"If I were president, I would do five things: first, I would like to find housing for the poor, then I would like to save energy to avoid wasting the planet. wasting water and helping people find jobs, and I think I would also like to avoid simply polluting the planet. "

Malcolm, 10 years old:
"Hello all girls and boys, I introduce myself: Malcolm I would be happy to be your president.
If I were president, I would increase the number of doctors. More doctors because the population is increasing, so there would be 20 or 10% more doctors. I would reduce the 9 years of medical education to 5 years and I would increase the chances of obtaining the doctor's degree.
The gendarmes, we would take more, the same for the police. Our soldiers would have more courage: they would surpass and win against all our enemies. With me, I hope, all of us would be safe.
The homeless, I would make them a free home. And I would try to have a school for them child(S). I would also try to have a stable job.
Thanks for everything and goodbye. "

Charlotte, 8 years old:
"I would like to give hotels to those who do not have a house."

Adrien, 7 years old:
"No more weapons even for the police, except for the children because it's too good to play gendarmes and thieves and indians and cowboys!
Then, it's very important to have more compulsory work for parents on Wednesdays and more school holidays so that we can really enjoy all together! Concerning the school: no change ... Everything rolls! "

Espen, 10 years old:
"What is a reform? (...) I would try to find new jobs for people who do not have work."

Benoît, 11 years old:
"By convening researchers, I will try to find energies much less polluting, for example, a car that works with recycled cardboard" (...) I would make a hospital, where there is school so that children very sick can continue their schooling. "

Viggo, 7 years old:
"My first decision would be to think who will be prime minister."

Thomas, 6 years old: 
"I'll tell the police to go get some bad guys."

Ilona, ​​8 years old:
"I'll make sure there's no cigarette left on the floor."

Colombe, 10 years old:
"I would make a law so that the holidays are longer."

Marin, 5 years old:
"I would help everyone (everyone being Dad, Mom and Oscar) who has difficulties, example to make card games or board games ..."

Nolwenn, 10 years old:
"I would remove cars to have more green space."

Jeanne, 10 years old:
"I would make cheap houses so that everyone is safe"

Louise, 7 years old:
"I would protect animals"

Gaëtan, 15 years old:
"I would lower the salaries of politicians to give to the poor."

Lysander, 11 years old:
"I would make an effort in ecology because we can do better than what we are doing now to preserve our planet."

Camille, soon 15 years old:
"I'll make sure there's more work for young people."

Marjorine, 14 years old:
"I will do everything in my power to ensure that people in need have access to housing and food."

Jesse, soon 15 years old:
"I will make sure to create more jobs to facilitate the integration of young people into the world of work."

Improving early child development with words: Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald at TEDxAtlanta (February 2024)