September 19, 2020

Children: some celebrities who have opted for adoption

- The family Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt is one of the first to have opened the ball with theadoption the little Cambodian named Maddox. Then she reiterated her gesture by adopting an Ethiopian, Zahara and Pham Quang Sang.

- The creator of the sagaStar WarsGeorge Lucas and his first wife adopted a small Amanda in 1981. After his divorced, the director has adopted two other children: Katie and Jett.

- Kristie Alley has adopted two children: William True and Lillie Price.

- Well before getting married to Harrison Ford, Calista Flockhart (Ally Mc Beal) adopted Liam.

- Michelle Pfeiffer and her husband adopted a little girl named Claudia Rose.

- Actor Ewan McGregor has also adopted a girl from Mongolia.

- UN Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow has adopted ten of her fourteen children overseas.

- American actress, Meg Ryan, made famous for her role in When Harry meets Sally is the mother of a little Chinese girl ... Daisy.

- Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, now divorced, have adopted two children: Connor Antony and Isabella Jane.

- Sharon Stone adopted in 2000 a little boy Roan Joseph who was barely a week old. For her second child, the heroine of Basic Instinct who did not want to fall pregnant called a surrogate mother for her second child, Laird. As for his third child, he was adopted and is named Quinn.

- Director Steven Spielberg has adopted two African-American children who have been collected from Public Assistance and are called Theo and Mikaela.

- The singer Sheryl Crow has become ... mom after adopting Wyatt in 2007.

- Madonna also adopted two children: David and Mercy, from Malawi.

In France, the stars put their happiness on theadoption

- Singer Johnny Hallyday and his wife Laetitia are the parents of two adopted children in Vietnam: Jade and Joy.

- Agnès Jaoui has adopted two Brazilians.

TV Celebs who set an example by Adopting KIDS (September 2020)