October 25, 2021

Children, we welcome you to the Cars 2 universe

On the occasion of this release, Disney has collaborated with several players in the toy industry to develop a range of products in the colors of Cars 2. Fans but also collectors can immerse themselves or immerse themselves in the new peripheries of Flash McQueen with these toys. On the hats of wheel, we present you this range of toys:

Mattel has developed a range of toys including vehicles with the Finn Mc Missile Attack car (45 euros) which transforms, throws projectiles and lights, tracks and accessories that resume film races, playsets. Cars fans will also be able to enjoy a collection of more than 70 new vintage cars. The assortment of vehicles (6 euros) allows to find all the new characters of the long awaited movie by the whole family.

For Cars 2 retro-friction vehicles, simply press the car to launch. We pump to recharge the energy and it's gone for a ride (22 euros).
The race start track can position up to ten vehicles on the starting track and propel them. When the child has finished playing, the track turns into a briefcase to take Cars cars. It's smart and practical (37 euros). As for the tracks Cars 2, they take again the emblematic races of the film (22 euros).

cheerleader presents a range of radio controlled cars and all functions. Martin and Finn, which are superb radio-controlled models, have the power of transformation: projectile launches, lights, sounds, hi-speed ... The Cars 2 radio controlled car has a light accelerometer, multiple sounds and vibrations, a radio remote control. motion detector for donuts 360 ° (price between 69 and 75 euros). The Wheelies ... what is it? These are 36 rubberized super bouncing wheels to collect. The Wheelies (2 euros) are made to play and to exchange between friends.

For its part, LEGO is not left behind by developing its first complete line of Cars toys composed of twenty playsets. Some playsets consist of more than 800 pieces. Among this new range, the child will find the evasion of the spy jet that allows fans to recreate one of the most explosive scenes of the film (50 euros), the Café V8 Flo (70 euros).
For the little ones (3-7 years old), Duplo offers the Pit Stop, where the friends of Flash McQueen wait for him to check his tires and refuel before starting the race (50 euros). There is also the trip with Mack (50 euros).

Wooden Cars with Toy R Us ! Martin's Wood Service Center drives the cars out of the way with the tug, uses Martin's crane to transport them ... Vehicles can park in the garage and even escape through the fast exit ramp. This box includes the Martin tow truck and all the elements are compatible with all the other Cars wooden vehicles and other boxes sold separately (19.99 euros). The Cars circuit is a 33-piece game cabinet with two vehicles included, a Sheriff vehicle, a Radiator Springs panel, a ramp of interchangeable wooden rails (39.99 euros).

Hasbro, specialist of board games, renew his classics to make the whole family play. Martin the tow truck goes to Garage Maboul for a complete overhaul (30 euros). Children will find in this new version of the Monopoly all the images of the cartoon, their favorite characters and places of history (40 euros). There is also the Power 4 Cars 2 (28 euros) and the Who is it (30 euros).

Children aged 6 and over and passionate about 1000 kiosks will be able to discover the Cars 2 version with Dujardin (21 euros). The 1000 terminals Cars 2 game also exists in express version for children aged six and over. Its price: 11 euros.

Cars 2 will also accompany your children during the holidays with a range of beach products developed by Eolo and a pedals kart from Stamps (100 euros). The Cars 2 swimming set, which contains a mask, snorkel and fins, is perfect for the beach and / or the pool (24 euros). Flying Wheel is a game consisting of a launcher and two propellers (20 euros). There is also the single-line kite (20 euros).

For reading enthusiasts, Hachette Jeunesse Disney has developed two books. In the collection Disney Cinema, Cars 2 retraces the crazy adventure around the world of Flash Mc Queen and his sidekick Martin.This beautiful album, which has a foam cover, is very suitable for the little ones (10.50 euros). In the collection Disney Present, we find Cars 2, the story of the film (5 euros).

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