August 14, 2022

Chinese Buffalo Horoscope 2011 - Element

Chinese Horoscope 2011: the element for the sign of the Ox


Wood buffalo : Preserve your intimate life, do not let her invade by anyone. Avoid addressing philosophical, political or religious issues with friends, as they will cause arguments and misunderstandings. Pay attention to your finances: they will not be brilliant and will reserve nasty surprises between May and September!

Fire Ox : You will succeed in consolidating your financial position if you do not act according to your ambitions but according to your means. You will be tempted by extramarital affairs; do not expect the slightest indulgence from your spouse. If you are free, you will multiply exciting adventures. Risks of persistent migraines during summer.

Earth buffalo : Delays and mishaps in more than one area; do not be impatient: things will unblock themselves quickly enough. The year may be marked by a crush that you will not be close to forget. Be more attentive to your loved ones and try to anticipate their desires. If you have elderly parents, take care of them more.

Metal Buffalo : Priority to your loves: this astral climate will allow you to find a beautiful complicity with your spouse or your lover. You will probably have stomach heaviness or intestinal gas; eat prunes. Between April and July, watch out for mood instability, which may complicate your relationship. Put order in your ideas.

Water buffalo : Important changes could occur in your love life; do not lose your reason! Despite your multiple occupations, do not neglect the exercises or the sport. In the work, circumstances will allow you to make great strides; beware of the jealous! The month of May will be conducive to reconciliation after a quarrel.


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