May 29, 2023

Chinese Buffalo Horoscope 2011 - Love

Chinese Horoscope 2011: Love for the sign of the Ox


First trimester : As a couple, the period will be calm as the sea in the breeze. You will fully enjoy the sweetness of life, and everything will seem kind and serene. Your relationships will increase in depth. With your partner, you will be both more tolerant and more lucid, which will help create an excellent climate. The natives of the sign will be model lovers and lucky lovers. Single, you will be much more sociable, and it will be already a good thing! You will go out often, you will accept the invitations, and you will make very promising meetings. It is possible, too, that a simple friendship take a more intimate turn.

Second trimester : With this aspect of the star Tuan, the risk of misunderstanding in couples will multiply. You will need to be attentive to maintain a permanent dialogue with your spouse or partner. Your efforts will be rewarded very quickly. If you live alone, the passion will subside under the ashes these days instead of bursting into the open. The inhibitory influence of the star Tuan will not allow you to use your charm and seduction wisely. Also you will have trouble making all the sentimental encounters you would like.

Third trimester : You will be much less critical of your spouse or partner than usual, and you will be delighted to enjoy a quiet happiness with him. In short, conjugal complications and unforeseen problems will be spared. Single, you recently gave your entourage the impression of being seated and seriously considering you to wear. Only, the taste of the conquest will take you again this time of more beautiful, and will seduce you with turn of arms!

Fourth trimester : With this aspect of the Thai Phu star, you will need loyalty and sentimental security. On the other hand, the star Thien Khoc in harmony with your sign will develop your sensuality. Couples will experience a renewed love affair. You will spend as much time as possible under the duvet with your spouse or partner. If you live alone, love will be placed these days under the sign of complication. We must expect obstacles and even a dramatic twist nearing the break. Try to stay calm, the storm will pass quickly.


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