January 16, 2022

Chinese Cat Horoscope 2015 - Element

Chinese Horoscope 2015 - the element of the Cat

Wood Cat
: The year will be very positive overall, as long as you do not get carried away by unjustified ideas of greatness and properly assess situations by keeping your feet on the ground, while seeking to avoid conflicts, he whether it's lawsuits, divorce or legal problems.

Fire Cat : Thanks to the good astral influences, you will know how to skilfully manage your boat and navigate between the reefs. However, you will experience doubts and anguish, especially if you have to make fundamental choices. But you will finally win.

Earth cat : Happy New Year in perspective, rich in new relationships and conducive to the advancement of your business. Your actions will have a positive impact. Your various problems will be arranged to the best of your interests. Your privacy promises to be nice.

Metal Cat Do not be extremist and do not exaggerate, because "too far east is the west" (Lao-tzu). You should always maintain a moderate, nuanced attitude, knowing that the truth can often present many different facets depending on the point of view we adopt.

Water Cat: Learn to see the bright side and be convinced that perfection is not of this world. When nothing goes well, do not worry about the whole world; use your practical sense instead to overcome hardships. This will be very successful in this year.

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