January 16, 2022

Chinese Dragon Horoscope 2011 - Silver

Chinese Horoscope 2011: the money for the sign of the Dragon


First trimester : A little stroke of luck is possible these days. It is indeed Hoa Cai, the planet of love, but which is also, with the stars Hi Than and Lam Quan, one of the lucky planets, which encamps in one of your silver sectors. Do not expect to win the jackpot at Loto, but you can still have a good surprise: for example see someone pay you a debt you had forgotten, or your boss add you an unexpected bonus, on which you do not count. And you do not complain!

Second trimester : Your financial situation will come under the best auspices. You'll manage to control your spending spree while efficiently managing your material resources. You will be able to make the most profitable transactions right now.

Third trimester : The star Triet will form harmonic configurations. But do not count on him anyway to grant you a period of exceptional financial luck. This star will be content to reward you with a period of greater luck: a surprise return is possible, a small gain in games, or an increase in salary or an unexpected bonus.

Fourth trimester : The combined impact of the stars Quan Doi and Vu Khuc should be positive, Quan Doi being a star of luck and expansion, and Vu Khuc increasing the flair. However, be careful not to take, in a moment of euphoria, commitments that you will have a lot of trouble keeping. Avoid overly heavy borrowing, which would quickly unbalance your budget.


2012 year of the dragon. (January 2022)