July 12, 2024

Chinese Dragon Horoscope 2015 - Health

Chinese Horoscope 2015 - the health of the Dragon

First trimester
: From the beginning of the period, take good eating habits to always be in excellent physical shape. The moment will be well chosen since the planets as a whole will be very favorable to you. During the last month of the period, inflammation of the ganglia is to be feared, and tonsillitis will watch you. Treat your troubles properly, not with contempt. Your physical well-being will depend more on your reason than on external circumstances. Reduce your consumption of tobacco, alcohol and other excitants. Total relaxation would be desirable. And do not forget to exercise or exercise every day.

Second trimester : This period will be excellent to take stock of your health problems, because of invigorating astral influxes. The second month will be particularly recommended to carry out a complete check-up, even if you consider it completely useless. Do not forget that "all health is a sick person who does not know" (Roman Jules). Remember to heal your smile, because it will be one of your greatest assets of seduction. To have a nice dentition and be safe from caries, give up sugar, white bread, refined products. Also avoid excess meat, rich in acidic waste, and sodas. Eat foods high in fluorine: spinach, whole grains, sea fish.

Third trimester : Often during this period, your nervousness will make your actions poorly controlled and decrease the speed and accuracy of your reflexes. Be careful therefore to small accidents of any kind. Headaches may occur frequently. Rather than stuffing yourself with drugs, watch your lifestyle. The outdoors would be good for you. Apart from that, overall good health.

Fourth trimester
: Influxes favorable on the quality of the daily life. Use nothing common sense, and it will be better for your health. Beware of the apostles of alternative medicine. The last month of the period would be a perfect time to check your blood sugar level; a blood test would be desirable. In the meantime, try to eat as healthy as possible, to avoid excess fat.

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