August 15, 2022

Chinese Goat Horoscope 2011 - Element

Chinese Horoscope 2011: the element for the sign of the Goatee


Wood Goat : Good relations with your parents and your children; any conflict will be quickly forgotten. Heart side, climate favorable to questioning, which will help you improve things. The money business will be tricky: be careful. Small drop in vitality during February and March; you do not support the nervous tension that daily life imposes on you.

Fire Goat : A very good year to start fruitful discussions with your children. Your loves will be protected, your beloved will lavish you the most charming attentions. In August, risk of quarrels with a friend; prevent yourself from making things worse. Prudence will be essential in the management of your finances; plan a tight budget.

Goat of Earth : Around March, a small failure will force you to return to ambitions less remote from reality. Be very careful in the handling of money, do not have eyes bigger than the belly! You will have excellent relations with your beloved. In July and August, visitors will disrupt your family life, but you will not complain.

Metal Goat : From April to September, the effects of the Moon will chase your fears and your usual worries. It is in a climate of relaxation and confidence that you will live this period.

Water Goat You will go forward, while carefully controlling your passion, your daring, and avoiding the most unnecessary confrontations. Success will be yours, for sure.


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