December 3, 2020

Chinese Goat Horoscope 2015 - Health

Chinese Horoscope 2015 - Goat Health

First trimester
: Your energy will be increased tenfold and your health resplendent most of the time. In spite of a very hectic social life, try to give yourself some periods of calm and reflection during these months. The stars being in beneficial aspect, you could decide to undertake successfully a dieting or a program of fitness. During the last month of the period, you will be sensitive to the bronchi and lungs; beware of possible cooling. Driving safely is not your dominant quality; However, you will have to be less distracted, or you will have to pay the consequences!

Second trimester : With this aspect of the star Long Tri, you will have to take care to spare your forces. Do not overwork yourself. Do not abuse physical effort either: you could wrinkle a muscle. In any case, avoid any exercise too violent. And remember that the role of emotional factors is important to you, especially at this time. You should also practice physical exercises as regularly as possible. Your musculature being somewhat deficient, a little sport would do you the greatest good; it will be all about you.

Third trimester : The global environment of the first month of the period will invite to the discipline and a greater regularity in the habits of life. It will be easier for you now to lead a less hectic life, to eat and sleep at regular hours, and to do much needed daily exercises. Often during this period, you will likely have to think about fighting some dermatological problems. Also, ban pork, sausages, roquefort, livarot or brie. Beware of the abuse of chocolate and refined sugar. To have a beautiful complexion, drink a lot of mineral water and eat carrots.

Fourth trimester : These days, you will not have any worries about your health. Because of the good influx of the star Bac Si, the second month of the period would be a good time to begin a medical or spa treatment, or to undertake a diet. In all cases, avoid tobacco and alcohol, because your body will have a great need to detoxify. Take a lot of rest and fresh air. Practice a slightly violent sport to lower your nervous tension.

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