December 1, 2021

Chinese horoscope 2010 in love with the Dragon

First quarter: With this moon phase, you could count on a certain chance in your sentimental ventures. Do not hesitate to declare your love to the person of your dreams: you will find without effort the words that will have to be said and the gestures that will have to be made to relieve it and even to subjugate it. A marriage proposal would be accepted on the spot; so you will have to avoid doing it if you really do not intend to put a rope on your neck anytime soon. That being said, you are generally faithful in your affections, you seek stability in feelings. But you dream too often of the blackbird, which strongly narrows your hunting ground. Learn to be more eclectic to give you more leeway and therefore more chances. The stranger will this time play an important role in your love life, and in a very beneficial way.

Second trimester: Your relationship with your husband (your wife) will not be very relaxing. There will even be a severe warning shot during the first month of the period. Be careful, do not choose to close your eyes and pretend everything is fine; ostrich politics is never worth it. Have the courage to burst the abscess, to discuss frankly but calmly all that is wrong and all that opposes you to the other. And you will find that the thorniest subjects are often the result of long-standing misunderstandings. Singles will have some difficulty ending their loneliness.

Third quarter: You will enter a much more fulfilling phase than recently. You will feel reborn. Optimistic, warm and sure of yourself, you will become a companion (companion) pleasant to live and will see your loves take a happier turn. If you are single, trust your lucky star: the loneliness will come to an end. Change of scenery during the third month of the period. If you are not married, there will be a risk of disruption in your emotional life, either because of dispersion or out of jealousy toward an independent-minded being or wanting to escape your control. You will be attracted by that does not suit you. Some of you, already having a dedicated partner under your arm, will have the misfortune to experience an intense and stormy passion for someone else.

Fourth trimester: A new phase of your sentimental life will probably be played at this time because, influenced by the star Ta Phu, you will become more measured than usual in your affective reactions. You know that most of the emotional difficulties you had to face so far are due to your unethical and unreasonable behavior. It is true that the heart has its own reasons, but we must try to tame it instead of letting it lead you to your loss!

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