May 20, 2024

Chinese horoscope 2010 in love with the Pig

First trimester: It will not be the complete sentimental happiness that you want, but you will already enjoy a taste in the first month of the period. The joys of the heart will be perfect. The relations already engaged will continue on their momentum, and the big clouds will spare the serene sky of the new lovers. In case you are waiting to get your divorce to form a new couple, you would probably be satisfied in the second month. If you are free and plan to stay, your partners will waltz, and probably none of them will succeed in putting you on a string these days. But it will not be a reason to continue indefinitely to flirt with danger, because "so much goes the jug to the water that in the end it breaks" (Gautier de Coincy).

Second Quarter: The first two months of the period will be a boon for singles and lonely hearts. Suddenly, your existence will change completely, because you will undoubtedly have an exciting adventure to desire, even if it is not yet the man (woman) of your life. Couples already tied will find a second wind that will project them to new delights and pleasures. But the sentimental climate of the beginning of the third month augurs nothing particularly pleasant. Either you are away from the beloved, or your love life, unstable and complicated, will bring you more inconvenience than relaxation. You will have a strong desire to change air. Misunderstandings and separation may be due, not to precise intentions, but to unfortunate circumstances. Clear thinning during the last two weeks of the period.

Third quarter: During the first month of the period, the situation will not be very rosy. All the doubts, all the anxieties that you managed somehow to control for some time, will return to torture you. However, the man (woman) that you love will show you his attachment and dedication. But you will need a lot more to feel reassured and perfectly happy! Try to give up a little of your selfishness, of your narcissism. The last two months will see you blossom in love, whether you are a couple or lonely.

Fourth quarter: Guaranteed happiness for all this period! Your heart's business will be wonderful whether you're married or single. The atmosphere will be that of harmony. It will create a desire to shine and, once is not customary, will make you play the stars. The festivities will inspire you. In the theater, cinema, rock concerts or classical music, you will meet a person with whom you will have many affinities.

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