December 10, 2023

Chinese horoscope 2010 in love with the Rat

First trimester: The planets Dao Hoa and Hong Loan will make you so unstable and suggestible in love affairs that you are very likely to deceive yourself or to be deceived. You will oscillate between cynicism and dream for no apparent reason. Some of you will tirelessly seek the ideal love from arm to arm, others will leave their current partner to sigh with another, without realizing that they are all chasing a mirage. If you do not want to spend your energy in vain, resist your desire to run headlong and remember to reserve for someone who will appreciate your qualities and make you happy. Convince yourself that this "someone" exists.

Second trimester: There will be a great risk of confusion between love and money. Be careful, the mixture of these two ingredients will make a soup even more indigestible that you will need to break your piggy bank to prepare your next vacation! So be more thoughtful. Convince yourself that true love is a matter of heart and not of purse!

Third quarter: With the star Duong Phu in dissonance, love will hover in the ethereal spheres. With his refined feelings, his discreet impulses and his cerebral instincts, he will make you dream of an elect so perfect that it is unlikely that you will meet him. So come down again on earth: you will see that the charm of the earthlings is well worth the angels that populate your daydreams. "Love is all eyes and sees nothing" (Chinese proverb)! Okay, but that's not a reason to do nothing! Try to open your eyes anyway, because you risk these days to deceive you in matters of love.

Fourth quarter: In your life as a couple, the unexpected will give way to monotony. You will have very stimulating relationships with your spouse or partner. Sometimes, of course, evenings will be lively, but neither you nor your half will think of complaining about it, because at least there will be movement in your life together, which has been missing for many months. Under the aegis of the Moon in good appearance, you can finally engage in a real dialogue. Singles, they will be at the party because they will have excellent chances to meet exciting.

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