August 16, 2022

Chinese Horse Horoscope 2015 - Silver

Chinese Horoscope 2015 - Horse money

First trimester :
With this aspect of the star Thien Tai, many of you will spend this period to reorganize their budget, or try to review their investments and investments. But the decisions to be made will not be so obvious, and you may therefore hesitate for a long time and change your mind often. And beware: people who could advise you - banker, family, for example - will not be much better inspired than you. So for the moment at least, you'd better not listen to them.

Second trimester
: Many things can happen on the financial front. On the positive side, the planets will push you to make important decisions. But beware, as there will be negative configurations, you will have to be wary of your impulsiveness. This will not be the time to take risks. You'll be fine if you take the time to plan for the long term.

Third trimester :
The star Thai Duong will form harmonic configurations. But do not count on him anyway to grant you a period of exceptional financial luck. On the contrary, it will simply reward you with a period of greater luck: a surprise return is possible, a small win at the game, or an increase in salary or an unexpected bonus.

Fourth trimester : Tu Vi, the planet of luck and success, should protect you very effectively financially. This will be the time to ask for a salary increase or make an appointment with your banker to see how to optimize your management. If you have investments, it may be appropriate to change them. Do not wait to act. During the last month of the period, your finances will take a new breath. You are ready to make new business. You will find solutions to your potential financial problems. Your ideas will be fruitful. Unexpected proposals will enable you to realize, in a spectacular way, lucrative projects.

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