June 25, 2022

Chinese Rooster Horoscope 2011 - Work

Chinese Horoscope 2011: Work for the Rooster Sign


First trimester : With Thien Hinh in your chart, you will be powerfully motivated to succeed. And this star will incite you at the same time not to take unnecessary risks. If you let yourself be guided by his action, you will soon achieve great successes and even feats, not only in the professional field but also in the social field.

Second trimester : The development of your business will be fast, because you will be full of constructive ideas and will be able to make contacts useful to the development of your career. There will be many opportunities: be ready to grab them and make the most of them. But you risk ruining everything if you indulge in sudden mood movements or if you exceed the limits of your strength.

Third trimester : The professional field will raise important challenges. This will not necessarily cause a sudden upheaval, but a course will necessarily be taken. This evolution will put you at the foot of the wall and force you to look at your life in the face. This awareness will be accompanied by a possibility of change. After confronting your ideas with reality, you can begin to realize them.

Fourth trimester : At the professional level, you will be able to lead your boat as you wish. And you will manage to develop your situation by adopting an enterprising attitude and refusing to keep both feet in the same hoof. In short, it will not be necessary to be shy or inactive. Otherwise, you will pay dearly soon. Moreover, you will feel very motivated to climb the ladder of the hierarchy. And your businesses will have every chance of being successful.


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