December 1, 2021

Chinese Snake Horoscope 2011 - Love

Chinese Horoscope 2011: the love for the sign of the Serpent


First trimester : Your relationship with the person who shares your life will not be easy this time. It must be said that your spouse or partner will often have trouble understanding you, especially since you will suddenly reveal aspects of your personality that he did not suspect. And if you are single, you will absolutely not be able to do without a presence; you will almost consider getting married without love. Rejoice: you should make a decisive meeting these days. Together, you will build future projects in record time. All my wishes will follow you!

Second trimester : With this aspect of the star Dao Hoa, you will start very strong period. You will love with passion, and you will claim with impetuosity. It's a safe bet that your violence will be shared by your spouse or partner. How beautiful it is to love! If you live alone, you will increase your seduction capital and make hearts beat in your path. The star Thai Phu will give you magnetism and a charisma that will make your charm irresistible. These are not the opportunities you will miss!

Third trimester : With you, your spouse or partner will experience a delicious sense of well-being and fullness. You will create around him a warm and sensual climate. And you will sail both on an ocean of happiness in love. In the singles, the chances of meeting will be increased. But you should not go too fast and take the time to get to know the person you met well before you commit yourself: it will be better to go slowly and surely to avoid a separation that is always very painfully felt by the natives. sign.

Fourth trimester : With this aspect of the star Phuc Binh, you will be led to take stock of your married life. But do not fall back on yourself. Instead, discuss what concerns you with your spouse or partner. Together you will be able to solve any problem! If you live alone, you will be very selective, and the brief adventures will attract you even less than usual. But a meeting capable of transforming your life could happen this time. Get ready for the event.


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