August 15, 2022

Chinese Snake Horoscope 2013 - Health

Chinese Horoscope 2015 - the health of the Serpent

First trimester
: For most of this period, the vitality will be good, and the faculties of recovery excellent. But by the middle of the second month, you may experience insomnia or digestive and intestinal disorders if you have been living a stressful life for a long time. Seek to combat your excessive nervousness, relaxing as much as possible. During the third month, do not neglect the discomfort or symptoms: these are most likely warning signs from your body. If you go to the sun, carefully protect your skin, which already has a tendency to desiccation.

Second trimester
: Because of the bad appearance of the star Tieu Hao, your natural defenses will be a little weakened, and you will be prone to colds, sore throats, sinusitis or bronchitis. Even if you get back quickly, these little troubles are likely to destabilize you. Consume a lot of foods rich in vitamin C, including citrus fruits. Watch out for drafts! Exercise, or at least exercise, if you want to keep your brain running at full speed. "My mind does not go, if the legs do not move" (Montaigne). It is the regularity of physical exercise that matters, not its intensity. So, do not wait for your next vacation to move!

Third trimester : You will tend to discover you too much. If you want to avoid a relapse of your small breathing problems, be careful and make sure to cover yourself more. Do not compare yourself to others who are more lightly dressed: they may not be as cold-sensitive as you are. During this time, you may be suffering from migraines and headaches, perhaps because of eye problems or tiredness. It would be good for you to rest often, if only for a few minutes from time to time in the day. Otherwise, you will enjoy a very satisfactory health.

Fourth trimester
: You will have energy and dynamism ... for four! Maybe you'll be a little over-prone to overdoing red meat and spicy dishes, but you'll endure them. There will be no danger in the house. Always eat enough green vegetables, which should not be overcooked. A little tired all the same during the last month of the period. Do not forget to exercise, or at least a little exercise every day.

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