August 12, 2020

Chinese Snake Horoscope 2015 - Silver

Chinese Horoscope 2015 - the money of the Serpent

First trimester
: The presence of the stars Thai Am and Tham Lang will have an inhibitory influence on the financial plan. Fortunately, with the star Tu Vi favorable aspect, you will still be protected enough, and your pecuniary difficulties should not take on worrying proportions. For some natives, Tham Lang will be favorable to the acquisition of a house or land. It is indeed a planet of Earth and, if your pecuniary situation is solid and allows you to borrow in reasonable conditions, you will probably be able to access the property.

Second trimester : Your financial situation should be healthy and stable. If this is not the case, if you are in debt, for example, take advantage of this aspect of the star Phong Cao to put your house in order. Make an appointment with your banker to renegotiate your loans at a lower rate, or to spread your repayments over time. In any case, be reasonable in your expenses.

Third trimester
: Your financial balance is very important to you. As a good native of the sign, you want more than others to build a capital or, at least, to organize your budget on healthy bases. With the presence of the star An Quang, you will have the opportunity to grow your assets. You will therefore be interested in looking for the most interesting investments or purchases as well as the most profitable investments. But you will have to favor family investments rather than daring speculation.

Fourth trimester
: The Long Duc star in harmonic aspect will blow you with excellent ideas to improve your standard of living or to make your savings profitable. Make an appointment with your banker; you can then, thanks to his advice, make a good use of your intuitions. The star Long Duc may also be worth a pleasant surprise; but you will have to react quickly to take advantage of the opportunity that will be available to you.

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