January 16, 2022

Chinese Tiger Horoscope 2015 - Love

Chinese Horoscope 2015 - The love of the Tiger

First trimester
If you are already in a household, this period should allow you to get closer to your spouse or partner. Many of you will come out of a delicate phase, marked by a certain coldness in couple. Doped by the star Tu Vi, you will have no trouble thaw the atmosphere. And if you live alone, be careful! Planetary configurations may plunge you into an intense experience, but one that may not be easy to live with. Some of you may even find yourself engaged in an overwhelming passionate adventure, but with someone who is not free and will never be free!

Second trimester If you live in a couple, the stars will give you these days rich ideas and sharpen your sensuality; you will often be in seventh heaven with your spouse or partner. And if you are lonely, they will save you happy encounters: they will place on your road the man (woman) you have often dreamed of, and you will not sleep! You will do everything to seduce her, and the game will be well worth the candle. It will be a real sharing, a real exchange where the two partners will vibrate in unison. The passion will be complete because it will play both physically and intellectually. And you will end the period in beauty!

Third trimester
: You will aspire to total harmony in your relationship with your spouse or partner. But be aware that this is a goal to which you can direct your efforts and not the one you absolutely must reach. Have the wisdom to recognize what is inaccessible and to focus only on what is achievable. In doing so, you will have excellent chances to significantly improve your relationship. If you live alone, you will not get much romance this time. The bottom line for you will be to find sensual satisfactions, whether with one or more partners. It would be better, for the sake of those (or those) you are dealing with, not to make too insincere declarations of love!

Fourth trimester
If you live as a couple, the impact of the planet Hong Loan will be positive for the majority of you, because it is with your spouse or partner that you will discover a new love intensity. But in some cases you risk being attracted to someone else. Then you will have a hard time not to embark on a clandestine story that you will not escape unharmed, neither you nor your couple! If you do not yet have a serious sentimental connection, you should make a crucial encounter during this period.

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