April 19, 2024

Chocolate and goat cheese bricks

A recipe ofaperitif sweet-salty very original: samosas in sheets of brick with chocolate and goat cheese.


For 6 persons

Preparation: 25 minutes



. 10 sheets of brick

  • . 1 goat cheese fresh
  • . Liquid honey
  • . 10 squares of chocolate Lindt the Universal
  • . 50 g melted butter




Detach and separate the pastry sheets. In each leaf cut out 2 strips as long as possible, 5 to 6 cm wide.

Take a strip, brush with a thin layer of melted butter. Arrange a small piece of goat, 1/2 square of chocolate and two drops of honey on the bottom of the band.

Fold the left corner of the band over the cheese, forming an equilateral triangle. Then take the bottom of the band on the right and make it go up on the left keeping the same proportions.

Glue the last fold with butter and place the closure under the samosa.


Serve hot in aperitif.

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