June 23, 2024

Chocolate in 6 questions

Does chocolate make you fat?
Like all foods, strictly speaking the chocolate does not make you fat. It all depends on how it is integrated into the daily diet, be it normal, slimming or surplus (nibbling). Certainly, it is a fat product, very caloric: a tablet of 100 grams is equivalent to 200 grams of fries or 3 tablespoons of oil. And contrary to popular belief, the difference in calories between chocolate black and milk is not so blatant: respectively 516 and 541 calories per 100 g.

Does chocolate constipate and give the migraine?
Indeed, there may be a link but these pathologies occur especially in people who already have digestive or vesicular disorders. Here again, everything depends on the quantity absorbed.
As for the appearance of pimples, we sometimes observe it but we do not know the mechanisms.

When is it better to eat?
Today, we reintroduce it into the diet at the time of the snack, the latter not being reserved exclusively for the children. A bar of 10 g will not hurt you. And especially stop guilt, because the more you will forbid the right to the pleasure of enjoying a square of chocolatethe more you will have compulsive and devastating urges for your line.
In this respect, let us not forget that 30 years ago the chocolate was not a nibble food because it was expensive and did not exist under its innumerable current forms. We ate it mainly at the snack with bread.

Does chocolate act as an anti-depressant?
It is true that anxious people with depressive tendencies get stuffed with sugar and therefore chocolate. In fact, the chocolate contains magnesium in abundance and therefore compensates for the lack of the latter, caused by a diet too restrictive due to the fear of getting fat. Magnesium plays an important role on the nervous system.
In addition, chocolate can bring some comfort by sucking something tasty. At the level of the palate, the sensation in mouth, pleasant, is not without reminding the childhood.

What can reveal a compulsive desire for chocolate?
It can be at the root of a psychological problem, to mask a bad being, a big anxiety or a depression. The people involved ingest a tablet, or more, without any pleasure, without any satisfaction of the senses and after they feel guilty. In these extreme cases it is better to consult to try to find the origin of these compulsions. We also teach them how to eat chocolate with delight, gently chewing and taking time to taste.

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