November 28, 2022

Chocolate Saga: the story of Valrhona

The history of the famous house Valrhona begins in 1922 with the opening of the pastry Albéric Guironnet from the Rhone Valley. The Guironnet house becomes a Gonnet house in 1938, then Valrhona in 1947. From these beginnings to the present day, it is excellence that drives it. She is involved in every step of the manufacturing process chocolate, always demanding the best. She travels the world in search of the cream of the soil and selects the finest cocoa. And the best goes hand in hand with respect for nature and the men who work for it. This is how Valrhona is recognized around the world for its quality. The greatest pastry chefs, including the French pastry pope Pierre Hermé, fell under his spell and many of them even pass by his school of the Great Chocolate.

Like the big noses and the great sommeliers, Valrhona composes harmonies and original aromas that it presents in its cocoa. In 2006, the house even created the Foundation for the Taste whose big names, such as Hervé This, are part of. She innovates, surprises and always surprises. So in 1986, she leaves Guanaja, the chocolate the most bitter in the world and in 2005 Xocopili, a chocolate tenderly spicy and salty, dedicated to cooks.

Having a heart to distill his passion for aromas and flavors, Valrhona explains how to enjoy a great vintage of chocolate so that we too become gourmets before being big gourmands.

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