June 2, 2020

Chocolate: the story of Easter bells

As the bells stop ringing during Holy Week from Thursday as a sign of mourning for the death of Christ, they are said to have gone to Rome. When they return to ring at the end of the pasquale vigil, they are said to be filled witheggs in chocolate that they sow a little everywhere on their passage in the gardens. Hence the hunt for eggs organized at Easter and which leaves wonderful memories for both children and adults.

An egg story
Why so much enthusiasm for eggs will you say? That's right, we find either chocolate be decorated with pretty designs. Well, since we did not eateggs at the time of Lent, it was necessary to exhaust the stock collected during the forty days of fasting. Thus, we ate the freshest and decorated the oldest. Theegg in chocolate represents here the symbol of life that starts, the germination that occurs with the arrival of spring.
It is not uncommon to see rabbits in chocolate, it actually depends on the regions in which is celebrated Easter. We can also find hens, normal since it is from her that come the eggs...
But that they areeggs, chicken or rabbit, all that gourmands will remember is the pleasure of tasting chocolate without moderation !

THE STORY OF THE EASTER BUNNY by Katherine Tegen and Sally Anne Lambert (June 2020)