January 16, 2022

Choose your cleansing oil

Thecleansing oil is often little known, because its consistency leaves some women perplexed. However, its use is simple and very pleasant. Applied to cotton, thecleansing oil rinse with water. Let's see the strong points, the weak points and dismiss the received ideas.

The cleansing oil has a texture that allows perfect makeup removal. Its greasy body makes no concession to the traces of make-up and allows in particular to remove waterproof makeup.

A cleansing oil nourishes the skin deeplylike a cream. The skin is clean and silky.

A make-up removal oil facilitates morning makeup. Makeup adheres particularly well on cleansed skin and without dry patches.

To complete the rinsing of the cleansing oiluse sponges soaked in lukewarm water. The result will be impeccable and the sensation of intense cleanliness.

Quality cleansing oil is often a little more expensive to buy than a milk Cleansing. On the other hand, as less is needed, the bottle lasts longer.
Our advice
To reconcile the benefits of a milk Cleansing and a cleansing oilyou can add to your milk Cleansing a few drops of an essential oil that suits your skin type.

Beauty Guide | How to choose a cleansing oil (January 2022)