June 23, 2021

Choose your lingerie: little girl secrets

I keep my lingerie : "It will always be better to wash it by hand, but when you want to machine it, we take care to use a net in which it will slide to protect it. The ideal way to keep it as long as possible is to be sufficiently rich in models to alternate them and therefore avoid frequent washing! ", advises Eva Davenas, product manager lingerie Sun.
You can also use a pillowcase as a net and to perfume his underwear, we slide a few drops of our favorite eau de toilette with rinsing water.

Little extras that make the difference ...
- Interchangeable straps: a desire to vary the pleasures without buying others bra ? Customize those you already have thanks to a nice subterfuge. Replace the classic straps with others: sprinkled with pearls, pearly flowers or with messages or rhinestones.
From 9? //www.lesinterchangeables.com/

- A lingerie bio: do you shop with a reusable bag and sort with great dexterity? Continue to develop the Green attitude by wearing eco-friendly G = 9.8 eco-friendly underwear and natural materials such as recycled pine fiber. 18? the tanga. //www.g98.fr/

Did you know ? In 2008, the famous American brand Victoria's Secret presented the bra the most expensive in the world: $ 5 million! Designed in collaboration with jeweler Martin Kat, it was encrusted with more than 3000 black diamonds and about thirty rubies. It could advantageously replace an engagement ring!

The power of lingerie, what's under your clothes matter. French women's top beauty secret. (June 2021)