August 15, 2022

Choosing your lingerie: the choice of size

A bra that fits us like a glove!

Remember Miranda in an episode of Sex and the city who is persuaded to know his size of SG and discovered through the very maternal intervention of a saleswoman that she has been mistaken for years! So for the well-being of our chest, trust the pros. Especially since the sizes vary according to the brands and models ...

The opinion of the expert : Eva Davenas, Product Manager lingerie Sun.
"Women often tend to squeeze their bra thinking that they will be better maintained and that they will then be more comfortable. False! In principle, when you remove your SG in the evening, it must not leave very little marks on the skin. Attention also to the effect "double breasts" when the cups are not pass deep for the chest, very unsightly under the clothes!"
Before trying on a bra: using a measuring tape, we takes two steps:

  • The underside of the chest for the bust. This will determine the size: 85, 90, 95 ...
  • The bust, just at the nipples. This will determine the conformation of the bra, that is to say the cup (A, B, C, D ...).

We can then consult the size chart of the chosen brand or entrust to a saleswoman who will better guide us. Remember to do this with the slightest change in your body: loss or weight gain, which is usually accompanied by a change in breast size.

Your Perfect Bra Fitting Guide (August 2022)