January 24, 2021

Christina Applegate Mom: her daughter's first name is Sadie Grace

After Kate Moss who called her daughter Lila Grace, it's the turn of the actress Christina Applegate to call her baby Sadie Grace, a first name very cute girl! This kind of first names compounds is definitely the star rating.

Christina Applegate has just given birth to his daughter at the age of 39 years. Dad, Martyn LeNoble, is the fiancé of the actress for a year. The characteristics of first name Did Sadie Grace decide the happy parents to make their choice? In any case, thisfirst name compound has many qualities ... Sadie is a first name purely American girl, who foresaw beauty and benevolence. As for Grace, this first name comes from the Latin "gratia" which means grace. Grace is synonymous with feminine beauty, heart, finesse, the baby begins life with significant benefits: a future seductress is born!

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