April 19, 2024

Christmas 2013: 3 tips to learn how to savor your chocolates

The chocolate is more and more often compared to wine: there are great wines, origins, big names ... Great chocolate masters deliver exceptional products every year. But gourmands rather accustomed to industrial tablets can not enjoy these little wonders in the same way. Discover how to savor a good chocolate.


1) By what chocolates start?
At a meal, you will usually have a tasting order beginning with the entree, continuing on the dish to finish on a dessert. To eat chocolate, it's almost the same thing. Indeed, it is better to start with the tablets before going on the candy filled. Regarding the flavors, to better appreciate them, it is advisable to go for chocolates the sweetest to go to the sweetest and finish on the most bitter notes. The progression will allow your palate to adapt to new tastes. Remember to drink water: it will make new mouth and exalt the flavors of the next chocolate.


2) The stages of the tasting
During a tasting of chocolateit is not only the mouth that is solicited: all the senses must be awake. So, first check the color and brightness of the chocolateThis will give you a first indication of quality. Then do not hesitate to feel the chocolate that you will enjoy. In general, there are chocolates blacks a strong and authentic scent of cocoa. Finally, during pure tasting, your palate will travel in four stages: attack, body, taste and length in the mouth. Each of its elements will make it possible to define whether the chocolate is good or not.


3) What words used to describe the taste?
Once the tasting is over, you have your opinion on the chocolate. In order to be able to define it better than with designations like "good", "excellent", "bad", you can use specific terms. You can thus describe a chocolate with the following words: sweet, sour, bitter, astringent, aggressive, cocoa, milk or intense.

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