December 1, 2021

Christmas cheap: chic desserts and shock

To please your guests, nothing like a tasty log. If your budget is very limited, make a nice cake rolled with rose jelly or mango cream. Sprinkle with icing sugar, add some rose petals or pieces of mango on top and you're done.

If you have an ice cream maker, prepare the ice cream of your choice to accompany a dessert simpler. Bet on gluttony by making an ice cream at chocolate white or salted butter caramel. Then, serve a ball with a log to chocolate black or a walnut pie.

But to score points, make sweets. Of course, it will take a little time and money but you can use them whatever your dessert. So, prepare stars for Christmas, shortbreads covered with a frosting, mini Paris-Brest, bites with chocolate, truffles or pralines ... And do not forget the rocks with coconut, which always have a crazy success. Remember to change shapes using different cookie cutters. Then, put some cookies next to yourdessert.

Do not forget swimming and other cheap fruit soups. To accompany of course homemade cupcakes or gingerbreads. To make originality, think of exotic fruits. Today there are mango cans and other flavors from elsewhere. Use some of them and fill in with fresh fruit at cheaper rates.

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