May 29, 2020

Christmas Gifts: Clever Kitchen Gift Ideas

The Pikape
When the chef Nicolas Valanchon opens his restaurant the Fl, he faces a major problem: where to put the bread on his small tables? Enlightenment comes quickly: skewer the bread on clever pics so design. Silver Medal Lepine, this practical (pictured above) and chic invention is sold by phone, by mail or directly to his restaurant, where you can test it live for a meal with Picardy influences revisited.
Inox, made in France and handmade. 25 euros. Fl restaurant: 1 bis rue Augereau Paris 7th, 01 45 51 06 04, [email protected]

Whoopies Kitchen Craft Molds
Whoopies is trendy. Sweet or salty, we get started, but with a suitable mold is always better. Kitchen Craft has created it for us, a steel and silicone mold, nonstick for ultra-easy mold release and perfect whoopies! In addition, it is guaranteed 20 years, it makes cakes!
Mold with 12 compartments, nonstick, guaranteed 20 years, 18.95 euros

Miniamo cupcake tree
When we spent a lot of time cooking our little cupcakes, we would like everyone to be able to contemplate them. What's better than a cupcake tree? Miniamo, brand of Kitchen craft, offers too cute. With a capacity of 13 to 36 cupcakes, it is perfect for a little girly tea with our true works of miniature art.
Cupcale support, 23.95 euros
Suck Uk Cookie Stamps
Do people think that your cookies and shortbread are so good that they can not be made by you? The English brand SuckUk has thought of everything: a "made home" stamp. No one will question your culinary skills!
Made Home stamp, 14,90 euros

The tray to grow mushrooms Nature and discovery
My mushrooms, they are super fresh and come all right ... from my kitchen! Nature and discovery helps lovers of improvised omelets with a complete kit to grow brown mushrooms all year round. Clever!
Brown mushroom kit, 19.95 euros.

Ball-plate and dish Thank you
When we receive, we like to present our dishes in pretty containers. Yes but here, a dish for the sauce, one for the salad, another for this or that and we find ourselves overwhelmed with dishes without knowing where to put it. Thank you understood our misfortunes and created a ball design absolutely great: it decorates your living room and as soon as you need, it breaks down in full of dishes canons! We say thank you who?
ABS resin, diameter 27 cm, 139 euros
All products made in England are available in all good cookware stores:
Nature and discovery
Thank you : 111 boulevard Beaumarchais, Paris 3rd

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