August 3, 2021

Christmas List: Precious Asset Care

Luxury creams are numerous and we sometimes wonder if their price is justified. If the end product often supports the weight of communication expenses of the brand (muses, pub ...), the price comes first of the assets it contains. Gold, caviar or particles of precious stones raise the stakes for the good of your skin!


Attention, there is caviar and caviar ... sailor! Caviar, as we understand it, is a deluxe dish: it is about rare fish eggs, the sturgeon. These eggs have properties compatible with our cells. Its extract is water soluble and can be assimilated by the skin. It has proven itself to be a potent anti-aging active, and an excellent stimulant with anti-aging, revitalizing and restructuring invaluable virtues, it is the case to say it! Highly concentrated in naturally nourishing assets and benefactors such as vitamins, essential amino acids in the hydration process, restorative proteins, essential fatty acids, iodine and trace elements, it boosts the mechanisms of the skin and assures it more tonicity.
The precious metal is broken down into particles in creams or sheets in institute care. Skeptical? Gold has an incomparable antioxidant quality and can fight against oxidative stress, which is responsible for the premature aging of cells. It has a protective effect "barrier" and sublimates the complexion. Iridescent effect and good looks are also at the rendezvous with particles that land on the face as a complexion illuminator that visually blurs small imperfections.
Diamond and precious stones
The most precious gemstone joins the formula mainly for its brilliance because it has no moisturizing virtue or anti wrinkle. However, it has a strong ability to reflect light, which gives it a "soft focus" effect, that is to say, that breaks the shadows of wrinkles and dark circles; for example; for a complexion that looks smoother, younger.
The other precious stones are naturally concentrated in trace elements and have beneficial properties on the skin.


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