August 4, 2020

Christmas meal: the entrance yes, but with a white

With regard to seafood products: Pisces, crustaceans, seafood, choose a windthrow. The pinot gris will also be suitable to accompany these dishes. The Entre-Deux-Mers will please especially with a Entrance made with shrimps. If you plan to serve shellfish, uncork a bottle of champagne. You can even keep it for the entire meal.

To mark the spirits, flambé your crustaceans with a strong alcohol then for the accompaniment, opt for a meursault. The latter is also tasty with a foie gras.

You have not planned oysters but foie gras brioche with jam? In this case, opt for a gewurztraminer if possible dry to respect the order of the wines. Indeed, white wines mellow should be served preferably at the end of the meal. This is why some oenologists advise serving foie gras between cheese and dessert.

To hell with the conveniences, for you, a sweet drink will still be served at the beginning of the meal. Never mind. Whether your foie gras is cold, hot or pan-fried, go for it without hesitation on a sauternes.

You want to serve the same wine for your aperitif and your foie gras? It's possible. In this case, present a muscat from Beaumes de Venise. It is suitable for both sweet and savory canapes but also for foie gras. Ditto for muscadet, which goes very well with raw vegetables or shrimps for aperitif but also with seafood served in Entrance.