April 17, 2024

Christmas menu: how to choose and taste oysters?

North Sea, Channel, Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean, all the seas of France hide in their waters of Oysters with delicious flesh. A small overview of the different regions of production of Oysters, to be unbeatable when serving them to Christmas. The coast stretching from the north to Normandy offers Oysters whose gray color can shoot blue and green, like the northern sky! Their taste is salty and connoisseurs find them a small hint of hazelnut. In Northern Brittany, under Mont-Saint-Michel, the Oysters Brittany or the Oysters Brittany hollow are crunchy and leave in the mouth a good flavor of iodine.
In southern Brittany, Oysters are very varied, because they can be raised in almost fresh water or in salt water. Their taste is fresh and their color blue. In the Pays de Loire, the water is very pure and rich in plankton. The Oysters They are of great quality with a nutty flavor and a beautiful jade color.
In Poitou-Charentes, we find the famous Oysters Marennes d'Oléron. The island of Ré and La Rochelle also raise Oysters whose quality does not belie the local reputation. Their color is a beautiful blue-green and their nutty taste. In the bay of Arcachon, still waters allow Oysters to develop a taste of cep steak with fresh butter.
In the Mediterranean, Oysters adopt an ashy color. Less known, but succulent, they are named afterOysters BouziguesOysters Thau pond (very salty) or Cap Leucate oyster. The Oysters of Corsica will not disappoint you either!
When you eat them, you can put them on a bed of seaweed, coarse salt or ice. Open them only one hour before eating. Once open, do not wait! The Oysters only keep for a meal. If in doubt about the freshness of Oysters, plant a knife in the mantle of the oyster to check if it is still alive, if it retracts, it's good!
Our advice:
To open an oyster effortlessly, slide the knife sideways by cutting the tendinous foot. If you do not feel able, know that there will always be someone to do it for you!

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