October 22, 2021

Christmas menu: how to make originality?

In starter: foie gras and oysters
If you want to serve a most original menu to Christmas, we must forget the great classics that are oysters and foie gras. Too bad you say, But no, think of all those who do not necessarily appreciate these products. And then, it's not impossible to replace them by choosing other ingredients. You can serve a velvety season, with chestnuts and cepes or a pumpkin, all served in small portions. Also think of those who like to eat their soup with crunchy by offering small croutons, bought in the trade or homemade, it's even better! To be original, avoid those based on bread, grilled in the oven, it's already seen. Cut out some slivers of pastry sheets, sprinkled with grated Gruyère cheese and put in a hot oven for just a few minutes. You can also cut small cubes of gingerbread that you will return to the pan a few minutes (to heat at the last moment otherwise they will be too hard). For this soup is more chic, do not skimp on the presentation: mini casserole on slate plate or nice bowl united in a beautiful plate of another color ...

The dish: exit the turkey and other capon
For the dish, we will not prepare a turkey or a capon that take hours to cook and condemn you to stay in the kitchen! You can easily prepare a roast or a filet mignon instead, which will require much less cooking time. Side preparation, you can do with small onions, garlic and cream, for example. Side accompaniment, small potatoes shots will be perfect. Think also of white pudding, served with apples, a sweet and salty mixture, not too heavy to digest that will please your guests. Let go of the presentation of this dish, a bit like the restaurant, it must be beautiful and make you want to be eaten, keep this in mind when you prepare your plates. Moreover, do not forget to spend the last few minutes in the oven (if you do not have a plate warmer) so that your guests do not enjoy a cold dish.

Dessert: bye bye pretty log!
No log for dessert, some of your guests will say thank you but others may remain hungry. Never mind, surprise them with a great dessert that will be talked about for years. The secret of such success? Put everything on chocolate and show originality! Do not hesitate to spend time preparing it, to put all the chocolates (black, white, milk) or to decorate it well. Avoid the chocolate cake, too simple for a meal of Christmasbut why not make a cake made of three cookies made from different chocolates, all covered with a creamy icing and decorated with sugar pearls or chocolate chips? Train a few days before to be sure that the blends of flavors work tastefully speaking.

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