August 3, 2021

Christmas Menu: How to make stuffing for turkey?

Before slipping your turkey in the oven, prepare a stuffing that will allow it to be less dry and give the poultry a delicious and subtle taste. His flesh will be all the creamier.
Prepare the stuffing of the turkey just before baking it and not the day before, for reasons of food safety. The simplest stuffing is slipping onions, thyme and herbs of your choice.
Traditional recipes encourage turkey truffle or the turkey with chestnuts. One way to prepare the chestnut stuffing is to chop 100 g of veal, 100 g of pork, chicken liver and a shallot. Soak 100 g of stale bread in poultry broth. Mix everything and add a spoonful of cognac and 24 chestnuts in natural well-drained can. Stuff your turkey before putting it in the oven.
Lovers of sweet salty will prefer a recipe of stuffing with grapes or orange. To stuff the turkey, pack your preparation by the neck and sew the opening.
Our advice:
For the skin of the turkey be crispy, brush with oil before baking. Water it often and turn it over. When cooking is two-thirds, place a thick sheet of aluminum foil over the chest to prevent the top from burning.

How To Make Stuffing For Turkey Dinner (Recipe) (August 2021)