June 13, 2024

Christmas Menu: The different ways to cook salmon

The Salmon, in all its forms, has a great nutritional value, especially because of its richness in omega 3. It accompanies perfectly your Christmas menu or other festive meal.

As an aperitif, Salmon Smoked is spread on blini, with a hint of thick cream and a small fillet of lemon or lime.

As input, the Salmon fresh slips into terrines, cakes and aspics. It also makes delicious quiches. It is then associated with spinach or zucchini. In a salad, the Salmon smoked or cooked marries terribly well with the avocado.

In the main course, the Salmon Smoked cut into slices in fresh pasta with a little cream and chives or dill, it's simple and refined. He also finds an ideal partner in scrambled eggs on a toast of brioche bread, with a little béarnaise sauce. The Salmon fresh is used with panache on pizzas. Sushi enthusiasts can enjoy it with mastery of cutting. The Salmon fresh raw is then deposited on a layer of vinegary rice. The classic of the Salmon fresh remains the Salmon cooked unilaterally, possibly on a bed of coarse salt.
Our advice:
Fish is always better eaten the same day. But if you pack the Salmon in a plastic film, it can be stored for up to four days in the refrigerator.

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