August 15, 2022

Christmas menu tips to make the most beautiful Christmas turkey

Being the person in charge of preparing the turkey of Christmas, This is not an easy task. It's still the main course, the one that will stand in the middle of the table and must appetite. Well, I'm putting pressure on you, it's going to be okay. Just do not disperse and go step by step.

1) the choice of the turkey.
Organic, non-organic, farmer? The important thing is to be sure to have a quality product. The bio is good, a turkey red label too. Why ? This is the guarantee that your little one turkey ate real cereals and was able to grow and flourish outdoors on a lot big enough for her and her friends. But if you know a farm picking or a farmer who has principles of farming and breeding reasoned, it is perfect too. The other crucial question: the weight! For 6 people, one turkey 3 kilos is enough, after according to your number, do the calculation.

2) the farce
The tradition of turkey it is of course, the stuffing with chestnuts. Either you are a warrior from the kitchen to the end of the apron and you peel and cook your own chestnuts, or you buy them ready for use in glass jars. You will also need celery and a chopped onion to return to the skillet, crumbled bread, melted butter, cream, a small bouquet garni and some nuts. We add our coarsely chopped chestnuts and fill our turkey. Do not be afraid to plunge your hand ... do not do like Mister Bean, remove rings, watches and co! There is nothing left but to tie up the ends.
Trick : so that the turkey it is golden brown and is coated with softened butter. It is also sprinkled with coarse salt for the taste.

3) cooking
To succeed turkeyit will take time ... a lot of time. We preheat the oven at 180 ° and we count about 1h30 for a turkey of 3 kilos. You can lower the thermostat and increase the cooking time, your turkey will be all the more mellow. No respite during cooking, it will water every 20 minutes of apple juice alternately with a broth made with offal and some vegetables. Once cooked, let it sit out of the oven for 10 minutes.

4) cutting
Your turkey is golden, juicy, it looks appetizing, but how to cut it? Let someone else do it, you've done enough work already! Small advice all the same: we immobilize the turkey with a fork to cut and we start by detaching the thighs, the wings and then the whites.

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