December 10, 2019

Clandestine abortions: a book to remember

Revolt, eccentricity, horror ... The reading of "Words of Abortions" can not leave indifferent when we discover what some women have lived, not so long ago.
Thank you Mrs Veil, do we want to say. Where would we be if the Minister of Health at the time had not dared to finish her project, face and endure all the hatred and violence of her opponents and detractors?
How could men, in this case doctors, have allowed them to suffer, to lose their blood, to die in agony and in so much solitude women in distress? Just because they did not want to become a mother, at a certain moment in their lives!
These women Brave men took enormous risks by causing miscarriages with what they had on hand: parsley tail, electric wire or other utensils with more than questionable hygiene. The introduction of these into the uterus triggered bleeding and then theabortion. It was hemorrhage for the most part, and for some a perforation of the uterus and sepsis.
Then, they were forced to go to the hospital urgently, where there, in the name of morality or religion, they were subjected to curettage of the uterus raw, without anesthesia, just for them. understand what they had done wrong. Some will even talk about abortion-butchery! And what had they done so badly, to deserve such a punishment, if not to taste the pleasures of life? of the women Unmarried have they not been treated as a whore, a slut? Girls light, easy?
of the women humiliated, bruised forever in the depths of their being, to the point of never having spoken of it and living with this terrible secret for countless years. Obliged to live with that guilt, even that shame that had been anchored in their head.
And do not forget all these women dead: ten of them would die each day as a result of abortion underground), which, as Xaviere Gauthier points out, can no longer testify today.
This heartbreaking book can only stay in the memory of us women free. We are aware of the privilege of being able to decide legally when we want to give birth.
Words of abortion - When abortion was clandestine
Editions of the Martinière - 17?
Xaviere Gauthier is a researcher at CNRS and author of many books including "Birth of a freedom. Abortion, contraception: the great fight of women of the twentieth century (Robert Laffont)

Abortion Stories Before Roe v. Wade | Iris (December 2019).