June 2, 2020

Claudine Vitry, storyteller

The jewelry of the collection Claudine Vitry's winter are imposing pieces that plunge us into a rather dark, mysterious and romantic universe. When meeting her, we expect to face a complicated personality. In fact, it's a smiling woman who warmly welcomes us to her small workshop in the 3rd arrondissement. Short auburn hair, straight smile, jacket and blue duck skirt ... Claudine obviously has nothing of a tortured woman. She introduces us to her small team (made up of women only) who works around her. "Group emulation is important, I do not like the idea of ​​hierarchy, everyone is a leader in their field and participates in creation." All his collections are made in this workshop where a hundred pieces a day come out during intense production.

Inspired by colors

Nothing predisposed Claudine Vitry to creation. A pharmacy student, she is a relentless collector of jewelry. She ends up embarking and undertakes to train with a young person stylist who teaches him all the strings of fantasy. She abandons little by little her pharmacy and integrates the company Babylon (jewel specialist) where she will remain four years. In 1997, she founded her own company.

Since then, Claudine creates jewelry on themes as varied as dreams, fairy tales or 20 000 places under the sea. "I have become a storyteller," she says, "coming from Reunion Island, I am very inspired by the colors, then I get down to the forms, but the longest is the design, the imagination." Her favorite material is the brass wire that she twists, hammers and welds. Claudine then adorns the metal with glass beads, resin, colored patina or Murano glass.

Giant butterflies and dragon-pegases

His universe is peopled with enormous flowers, snails, giant butterflies, dragon-pegases. This winter, the fantastic animals inspired her. A collection refined with baroque spirit where small ornaments with small bird cages alongside cameos with the effigy of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. All with a little retro side totally in tune with the times.

"I create two collections per year and each time, they are two different universes. For next summer, I thought about Alice in Wonderland. This is the logical consequence of this winter even if it does not necessarily see! "Indeed, for those who do not know the jewelry of Claudine Vitry, her collections follow each other and are not alike. Yet the signature is there: a fairy spirit, close to nature, elegant, colorful and a little outdated. If we observe carefully, an object comes out systematically: the famous cage, like a hyphen between each collection.

A jewel is like a garment

Claudine's creed is "place to dream"! "I create for myself, I can wear every jewelry coming out of my studio. If I do not feel a piece, I do not do it. "She does not forget, each season, to create an outstanding piece," a remnant of my collector's period. "

Although they may be large in size, their jewelry remain light and airy. "It's like a piece of clothing: you do not have to feel fagoty and embarrassed with it, but it does not have to be a small all-purpose piece you forget." Claudine Vitry "militates" for the big jewel seeing that we can wear every day.