July 5, 2020

Cleansing Cleansing Gel from Shiseido

Cleansing Cleansing Gel from Shiseido
This cleansing gel refreshing effectively removes makeup while preserving skin moisture. He rinses with water. In this line of skincare called Skincare, the primary goal is to promote resistance to dehydration. The texture of this cleansing gel So let the skin breathe while moisturizing and trapping makeup and impurities.

We tested : Like many products of the skincare range, I am very satisfied with this cleansing gel which does not attack the skin at all. The packaging is classy and in the image of the brand. You just have to rinse your face with water afterwards because it does not apply with a cotton, like a cleansing milk. It's a habit to take but it suits me.

Price: 34? the 200ml
Sales points: in perfumeries and specialized stores

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