April 17, 2024

Clinique's "Take The Day Off" make-up removal line

Express eye makeup remover Take the Day Off
The makeup of the eyes is increasingly stubborn so difficult to eliminate. If makeup removal is not the preferred beauty gesture of women, it is necessary to simplify this task so that it is done as best as possible. This eye makeup remover and lips acts very quickly and smoothly. It consists of an oil phase and a water phase for a perfect makeup removal. No greasy film seeps into the eyes, no irritation, this eye makeup remover is also fragrance free. It is particularly effective on waterproof makeup.
We tested : Pleasant, it removes the eyes very well, even with waterproof makeup. No greasy film is left on the eyes, which is very pleasant and quite rare! The packaging is not very practical, it washes cleanser by pouring on a cotton because its tip is too wide.
Price: 19? the bottle of 125 ml
Cleansing milk Take the Day Off
While the effectiveness of makeup products has evolved, that of make-up removers continues to grow ... Even the most stubborn makeup is no match for this Cleansing milk.
The latest addition to the make-up line is non-foaming milk. It has specific components with anti-tugging and anti-drying properties.
Any trace of makeup is eliminated. The skin is clean in depth, incredibly supple, neat and fresh. This Cleansing milk also helps maintain the natural moisture level of the skin.
- Its composition: shea butter, sodium hyaluronate, cholesterol, linoleic acid, sucrose and caffeine
We tested : I have mixed skin and I found this Cleansing milk very well. It is quite thick compared to my old ones make-up milksbut effective. It cleans the skin without having to rub. His pump gives the right dose of Cleansing milk. It's typically the kind of Cleansing milk that I will redeem for everyday use.
Price: 24? the pump bottle of 200 ml
Points of sale: in pharmacies and parapharmacies

Cleansing balm Take the Day Off
This cleansing balm lightweight eliminates face and eye makeup, even stubborn. Its compact texture turns into a fluid and satin oil upon application. This cleansing balm is non-greasy and does not dry the skin. It is suitable for all skin types.
Massage with your fingertips on dry skin. Rinse thoroughly with hot water. Tap to dry.
We tested : I cracked, I adopt it. First a strange texture that turns into oil on the skin in contact with water, then a very effective product. It perfectly removes the eyes even the waterproof makeup, just put a cotton on it. It is pleasant for the face and rinsing with water gives a feeling of cleanliness.
Price: 28? 125 ml cream

Points of sale: in pharmacies and parapharmacies

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