August 16, 2022

Coaching party hairstyles with a pro: how to hold your hairstyle all night long

We texturize the hair without weighing it down

In essential purchases: volumizing spray, lacquer, styling mousse or gel for short hair. The goal: give texture to your hair before styling. This is the only way for your hairstyle stay as long as possible. If you have a good base, your hairstyle will be at the top.

Louis Lafolie, artistic director Camille Albane :

"We put foam or volumizing spray to coat the hair before styling it. hairstyle, we put fixing product as volumizing spray, putting it far enough to not that it gives a greasy appearance to the hair.
It can also gel its hairstyle which ensures a total maintenance of the hairstyle throughout the evening but we can see more about short hair where there is little opportunity to vary the hairstyle. "

Tips from pros

Alexandrine Piel, studio hairdresser Franck Provost:

"Wash your hair the day before because they will be more malleable the next day, easier to comb, do not wear masks or care D-day because your hair would be all soft, heavy and the hairstyle would not hold. If we have a beautiful hair before styling, we almost always have a hairstyle very average and without dress. It may seem contradictory but it is true every time "

Tom Marcireau, hairdresser designer Carita:

"Put a little root spray on your hair washed the day before attaching them because it will give a maximum of material and it will prevent the accessories from slipping. long hair only for short hair."

Hair TUTORIAL | WAVY HAIR + TIPS on Hairstyles (August 2022)