May 28, 2024

Cocooning body care: rich butters

This year, it's decided, winter will not have our skin! For very dry skin, vegetable butter is the shortest way to flexibility and softness. Farewell drought and rough skin, hello body butters!


Spread butter ... body
Usually derived from a fruit or a cocoa or shea tree, it can be pure butter extracted from the plant or a product that contains it in its formula. It is therefore the origin of the most nourishing product because 100% fat! Today the worked cosmetic butters often mix natural butters and cosmetic ingredients to increase their benefits and bring them a more pleasant fragrance. Side texture, the butter is very compact, not liquid and requires to be warmed in the hands. Some, among the pure ones among others, can stiffen, like the oil. Just take them out and melt them with your fingertips.


Coconut butter selection


- South Scent Argan Butter
Enriched with Argan Oil (20%), Shea Butter (8%) Olive Oil (5%) and beeswax, Argan butter improves the elasticity and firmness of the tissues. It moisturizes, nourishes and protects skin and hair deeply. (150ml, 33.90?, 50ml, 13.50?)


- Tautropfen Body Butter
The delicate scent of damask rose envelops the body, while the precious argan oil strengthens the natural protective coat of the skin. This butter melts deliciously on the skin and plunges you into the sweet world of oriental beauty. (150 ml, 22?) List of points of sale on 03 88 81 82 28


- The Body Shop Body Butter
The famous colorful boxes offer scented and delicate body butters. Shea, cocoa but also lemon, strawberry or mango, they contain natural ingredients and allow a gentle application that leaves a light fragrance and nourished skin.
(200ml, 16?) On //


- Super Nourishing Body Butter Sephora
Ultra-rich texture, and so soft thanks to shea butter, it nourishes intensely without leaving a greasy film for a soft and hydrated skin, all day long!
(470 ml, 16.50?)

- Tiaré Fragrance Body Butter, Hei Poa
A formula based on Monoï de Tahiti that reveals a delicious Tiare flower fragrance. Obtained by maceration of Tiare flowers in coconut oil, and virgin coconut milk oil soothing in a butter, its complex of 3 vegetable waxes forms a beneficial barrier to the skin surface preventing dehydration .
(200 ml, 13.90?)

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