June 2, 2020

Cocooning: The 1001 benefits of Chinese massage

The massage Therapeutic Chinese or Tuina is an art known since antiquity for its healing, soothing and relaxation. "This ancestral know-how is often taught from father to son or mother to daughter," explains Lanqi, owner of massage eponymous, in the 15th arrondissement of Paris and Neuilly-sur-Seine. "In my salons, all the practitioners come from China and realize the massage Chinese for decades. "
Lanqi herself has been practicing traditional Chinese medicine for seven years, passed on from generation to generation in her family. His great-great-uncle went from village to village, relieving the peasants with his massage and her plants.

Massing is unlocking
The Tuina, practiced for more than two thousand years and essential pillar of Chinese medicine, is primarily for the tonification of the body and its functions in its entirety (physical, mental and emotional). "Many health problems are caused by the blockage of vital substances, causing pain from the accumulation of toxins at the organic level, including the liver, and therefore energetic Tuina manipulations allow to restart the liquids, improve the relationship and internal and external exchanges, rebalance Ying and Yang.The head and body are reunited. "

In practice, through certain points of acupuncture and rapid succession of gestures: pressure, friction, rolling, friction, vibration, tapping, the massage Chinese acts at the level of energy meridians and organs. It makes it possible to rebalance the circulation of the internal energy, the Qi.
Indeed, once the extreme relaxation felt first, the massage also has regenerating, invigorating and energizing virtues. This kind of massage is also used in the sports world to improve the performance of athletes. Nodes, tension, back blocked, insomnia but also headache and cellulite, massage energetic moxibustion through guasha, massage Chinese mixes different techniques that have proven themselves against all the little pains of everyday life. Anxiety, fatigue, colds, stress, everything goes ... and passes away!


Address book :
Lanqi, 18, rue de Beffroy, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine. Open from 10 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week
Tel: +33 1 47 38 10 69 (opened in September 2011)

Lanqi: 91 rue de Javel, 75015
01 45 79 63 67



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