October 27, 2021

Colorful tie and dye at a lower cost

Flagship trend of summer 2013: the tie and dye. This coloring degraded comes in a new version, more colorful and punchy, in this summer season: the sea punk. Understand here, hair dotted with a thousand and one different colors, way "rainbow". A cup of hair rather daring, that it can be difficult to wear. So we opt for this punk and pepsy hair, during big parties, or for festivals. History to put the eye full and play, for once, the map of originality and quirky. To do this, therefore, we avoid the box " coloring in hairdressing salon "and we favor methods with non-permanent effects. Chalk for hair, colorful spray, GirlsFromMainStreet.com gives you some tips to achieve a tie and dye colorful, cheaply, and without lasting effect.

1. Chalks for hair
Similar to chalk for chalkboards, chalks for hair will give you a perfectly colored and temporary result, which will fade after one to two days. Regarding the use, nothing more simple: you just need to wet your hair, twist the strands you want to color and then "pencil" them. Finally, take a small brush stroke in your hair, to remove the surplus. Be careful about the clothes you wear when you go to work tie and dye colored. You may indeed color them too. Best: tie your hair in braid ears.

2. Temporary colorations
There are also colorations temporary, which fade after 3 to 5 or more shampoos. Pink, purple, blue, orange. The choice of color is varied. To apply as a coloring traditional, on the tips of your hair. This method will therefore be more suitable for a tie and dye colorful classic, and not for the sea punk. Result: a two-tone punchy hair.

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